7 carpet cleaning tips that will give your carpet wings

Aladdin had a flying carpet and a genie to fulfill his wishes, however in modern times; your carpet will not fly but will certainly shine bright. The main purpose of a carpet is to give the house a grace, an elegance, a prestige.  However, all these attributes are not easy to maintain, and that’s why we are providing you 7 carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpet clean.

Don’t rub blot stains

Treat stains with affection and dab them with a cleaning solution, paper towel or sponge. Aggressively rubbing the carpet to remove stains, will only worsen the situation, it is better to remove blots or stains by home remedies or a good detergent.


Don’t lose the drink

If you have spilled your valuable drink like a beer or wine on the carpet, you need to get another drink and secondly don’t worry about the carpet. Clean the carpet with club soda as it is an effective remedy against stains caused by alcohol beverages.


Cream treatment

We know it sounds absurd but applying a shaving cream to your carpet will get rid of stubborn stains in no time. Unbelievable right? Try it for yourself and be surprised with the after-effects. Keep the shaving cream on for about 30 minutes and you’ll see the difference.

Close up of shaving cream and razor

Chewing gum trouble

A chewing gum gets stuck on your carpet and you struggle to get it off. If you think this is challenging, well it’s not that hard, all you need is some ice cubes from the freezer. Freeze the chewing gum with ice until it dries and remove it with the help of a spoon.


Dishwasher to the rescue

Grease stains are stubborn and to get rid of them you need a dishwashing detergent. Put the dishwashing solution in a spray bottle and use it on the carpet.


Pet manners

Your innocent little pug has attended nature’s call on the carpet and you can’t blame him. However, you can use an organic cleaner to clean your carpet.


Deep clean your carpet

To maintain the carpet, another essential method used is simply the best – Steam Cleaning. The process uses a cleaning solution and injects deep into the carpet with the help of jet nozzles. The solution will penetrate into the fabric, removing grease, dust particles and stains.


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