The Best Split AC Under Rs. 40000 – Better Choice Than A Window Ac

There has been a complete shift from window ACs to split ACs. Every household, every office, in fact place where there is a need to install an AC, you will find that only split ACs are now being used. This drastic shift in choice makes us wonder, if all this simply because people want a more modern looking AC around them, or are these split AC actually better than the window ACs.


In order to satisfy our query, we decided to compare the best split AC under Rs. 40000  with a window AC in the similar range. The results proved that split ACs offer much better performance than window ACs.

Some of the factors which made the best split AC under Rs. 40000 better than the window AC are as follows:

Cooling Efficiency

When used in a the same room, the split AC was able to cool the room much faster than the window AC. This basically happens because the blowers inside the split AC are able to throw the air up to a distance of 30 to 40 feet, thus helping in cooling the room faster.

Energy Efficient

This is yet another advantage of that, the best split AC under 40000 Rs has over window ACs. Almost all the split ACs present in the market has good star rating thus making them extremely energy efficient. However, now a days, even the window AC manufacturers have started to make their window ACs more energy efficient and therefore, this difference between the two, with respect to energy consumption, is now becoming very nominal.


The sound made by the window ACs at one point in time was so high that, when switched on, the people in the next house would also know that we had switched on our AC. Over time this sound has been controlled a lot, yet the window ACs continue to make a lot more noise than split ACs.

The above factors make it obvious that split ACs are much more effective and a better choice than window ACs. But there are a few things that do go in favor of widow ACs.

Firstly, window ACs are available at a more reasonable price than split ACs. Secondly, Ac servicing of windows ACs is much more simple and cost effective than the technical services that are required for the servicing of a split AC. Therefore, based on your requirements and financial situation, you can choose anyone of them.

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