How to Reduce Refrigerator’s Energy Cost

Energy is a highly efficient tool for an object to run to its full potential and provide benefits. Our homes are filled with appliances that consume energy. Some appliances like the refrigerator consumes about 5 percent of energy, but if used wisely, can conserve energy from this highly beneficial application. To ensure the proper usage of energy, we need to understand and learn how energy can be preserved in a natural way. Electrical services also are cheap, but to ward off some unnecessary expenditure, you can use some tips on how energy can be saved.

reduce refrigerator energy cost

Here are some handy tips that are useful to reduce refrigerator’s energy cost:

Maintain the moisture:

When you buy a fridge, always take the one with a moisture control serving tool as it helps controlling the moisture. At times, the refrigerator builds too much moisture, which spoils it from functioning smoothly. Some misinterpret this moisture control feature as an anti-sweat heater, that saves energy and money, but is not true.

Temperature in check:

To maintain the cooling, the recommended temperature for the fresh food compartment should stand at 37 to 40°F = 3 degrees and 5°F = -15 degrees for freezers. However, if you have a separate freezer for long term storage, you need to set the temperature at 0°F = -18 degrees.

Thermometer test:

To know the refrigerator temperature, dip a thermometer in a glass of water and place it at the center of the refrigerator and check it after 24 hours. To find out the temperature of the freezer, place the thermometer in between frozen packages and check after 24 hours.

Defrost is a must:

Always defrost refrigerators and freezers as frost consumes a lot of energy for the motor to keep running. To save energy, don’t allow the frost to reach its peak and stop it, when it reaches one quarter of an inch.

Easy on the door:

The refrigerator door also can add up to energy usage. However, there is an easy solution to save you the buck. To test if the door functions fine, place a piece of paper, which is half on the inside and half outside. If the paper can be easily removed, then the latch might need adjustment or the seal may need replacement. There are times, when you might need help of a professional namely an electrician.

Secure your food items:

Cover your food items and fluids, as they release moisture, and, puts pressure on the compressor. The compressor is an important part of the refrigerator and if not taken care of, can require more frequent servicing and maintenance money.

Clean the coil:

Place your fridge away from the wall and vacuum its condenser coils once a year, unless you have a no-clean condenser model. With cleaner coils, your fridge will run for shorter duration.

However, you can always rely on professionals who can guide you on how to operate electrical appliances. Electricians also come in easily nowadays and you can happily depend on someone who provides them.

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