3Your laptop has a built-in self-protecting mechanism that shuts off the machine when any of the components gets too hot. This is known as overheating, and is quite common. Touch your laptop when it shuts off. If it it very hot, your machine shut down to avoid further complications and permanent damage from the heat.

 Your laptop can be shutting down because of various reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Your processor has overheated because of a clogged fan. Your laptop gathers a lot of dust inside the casing. Over time, this dust may cause a blockage in the internal cooling fan, in turn causing it to perform inefficiently. This would lead to an overheated processor, since the fan isn’t working. You could easily rectify this by cleaning the inside of your laptop with a soft brush. However, if there is a lot of dust, you should get this cleaning done by a professional. Use a laptop cooling pad as this helps to dissipate the heat faster.                         
  1. Hardware failure. If your cooling fan is working fine, your laptop could have a hardware failure. This means that the RAM, CPU or mother board isn’t working properly. You need to get an expert to come in and take a look.
  2. Using a charger with incorrect voltage. If your laptop shuts off a lot while gaming, even when you are playing at the usual performance settings, you might be using a charger with incorrect voltage. A lot of games need chargers with 100w to 400w voltages. Always select the proper charger while playing games. Since playing video games is performance intensive, keep your laptop vent clean as it helps with air circulation, reducing chances of overheating.
  3. Virus infection. A lot of computer viruses actually shut off your laptop or computer, and then turn it back on. Usually, these are triggered by something you have done, like a keystroke or opening a particular program. To prevent this, make sure you have a great anti-virus program running in the background. Additionally, make sure all your virus definitions are up to date as well.

 If you’ve tried a number of methods, and your laptop still keeps shutting down, you need to get your machine checked by a professional. This would allow you to make sure that there aren’t any more seroius underlying problems, and prevent permanent damage to your laptop.


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