1There are several reasons this might be happening. They are:

  • There might be something wrong with the defrost cycle. Most modern refrigerators have an automatic defrost cycle involving a defrost timer, a defrost heater and a defrost terminator. A problem with any one of these components would lead to a problem in the defrost cycle.
  • If a door is left open for too long, excess external moisture will enter your machine. This will upset the humidity inside your refrigerator.

To defrost your frozen refrigerator, you need to temporarily unplug your fridge and allow it to defrost manually. However, if the problem recurs again within a week, it might have different causes.

If you notice the problem returning in about three days to a week there can be another problem. If this happens, you need to check the following:

  1. Whether or not the doors are closing properly. If the door doesn’t swing closed, if the seals have come loose, or if the door hinges are loose, the door will not close properly. In such cases, the faulty components may need to be replaced.
  1. The door seals have come loose. This would lead to the door not becoming sealed when you close it. Damaged gaskets need replacing.

If these steps do not solve your problem either, you need to get your defrost system checked. Professionals like Zimmber Champs are well versed in the ins and outs of refrigerator repair and safety, and have the expertise to assess and fix your problem.

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