Waxing v/s Shaving

Ah, that difficult choice; deciding which one of the two is a lesser evil can be quite tricky. Opinions are so widely divided, you’ll hardly ever find an unbiased and objective verdict over which is actually better- waxing or shaving? Well, the answer to the biggest question when it comes to unwanted hair removal lies here!

Certain points need to be considered before you actually find out which of them is the clear winner. Read on…

Ease of use

Waxing makes use of hot wax and wax strips to do the job, while shaving requires a razor and a depilatory cream. Shaving can be carried out anytime, anywhere, and the same cannot be said about waxing as it entails the heating of the wax before the process can be carried out. So when it comes to this category, shaving emerges as a clear winner on account of being the easier of the two.

The pain factor

Both waxing and shaving are more or less tied at the same spot if we talk about the pain caused. Sure, waxing is a pain, and sometimes it can even lead to burns. But you do know that pain-free though it may seem, shaving too comes with its own ouch factor.  When not done right, shaving can cause multiple cuts. Not only that, the cuts if left untreated can turn into infections that can be very painful in the long run.  On the other hand, the pain experienced while waxing gets easier to bear with time, not hurting as much as it did the very first time you tried it. Besides you can always call in for home salon services if waxing seems too difficult to do yourself.

Frequency of use

Waxing scores over shaving in this regard. You need to shave every 1-3 days, but you don’t need to wax for a minimum of 1-2 weeks.



Effects on the skin

Yet again the winner of this rat race, waxing helps in the removal of the dead skin cells from your body, making your skin soft and smooth to touch even after a week of waxing. Moreover, there’s no danger of an unwanted visible cut by a piece of metal on your skin. As for shaving, this method of hair removal can give you dry and itchy skin that appears dark due to hair undergrowth. Plus inflamed hair follicles and razor burns are also common.


When it comes to effective hair removal, waxing presents a win win situation again as the hair removed by this method doesn’t come back for a long time. Waxing pulls out your hair from the roots, damaging the hair follicles. This results in slow hair growth, along with hair that is fine and thin.

Shaving, however, is temporary, and gives rise to the appearance of coarse and thick hair that looks darker and feels rough.

Thus, in almost every aspect waxing is the best option for hair removal.



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